Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adam in the Bible

Adam gets 18 mentions in the Bible:

9 in the first five chapters of Genesis (understandable)
1 in the very first verse of one Chronicles (the very first entry in that mega family tree)
1 in Hosea ("But like Adam they transgressed the covenant; there they dealt faithlessly with me.")

1 in the gospel of Luke (Jesus' family tree)
1 in Romans (the (in)famous 'original sin' section)
2 in first Corinthians (in the context of death and resurrection)
2 in the first letter to Timothy (used as a precedent)
1 in Jude (indirect mention)

For comparison Eve gets: 4, Melchizedek gets 10, Moses gets 787 and Jesus gets 925 mentions in the Bible


Chris said...

did you count these yourself??

Luke said...

MacSword did the hard work for me. (It's a free basic bible-software for OSX that includes the ESV and various bible dictionaries.)