Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Trinity

I've been thinking about the Trinity all year. Studying at Ridley has shaped my theology, mostly I think for the best and no where more so then with the doctrine of the Trinity. I clearly remember floundering in my understanding of it last year. However Peter Adam's classes, Andrew Moody's guest lectures, The Trinity by Olson and Hall and The Doctrine of God by Gerald Bray has given me a large dose of clarity. To cap it all off these two lectures, I listened to recently, by J.I. Packer sum up the doctrine of the Trinity very clearly. (I am still in awe of the doctrine and it'll take some time for me to digest what I've learned.)

JI Packer's first lecture and his second.


ish said...

Indeed, not 'an issue' but a feast.

What say you to a list of trinity insight highlights? Did you come across Tim Keller's use of perichorisis and its root link to choreography/dance as well as mutual 'indwelling'. (Bring that library of yours a little closer.)

Your assortment of intriguing links is not the only thing that will bring me back.

Luke said...

Thanks Dad, you've doubled my readership.

ish said...

Worth doing no matter how big your readership. And word needs time to get around. There are so many counters offering something.