Thursday, January 22, 2009

Romans 5:12-21 Sermon

A sermon I preached on Romans 5:12-21 at Crossroads earlier this month.


Andrew Barry said...

Hi Luke. I've seen you around the place on Craig and Michael's blog. I'm interested in your sermon on Romans 5:12-21. Did you preach imputation? Adam's sin to us or Christ's merit's to us? ;)

Luke said...

Hi Andrew,

I focused on the imputation of Adam's sin and mentioned by contrast towards the end that if that strikes us as gloomy then look how wonderful it is that if we are so tightly bound to Adam we are equally bound to Christ -- the consequences of course being remarkably different!

Andrew Bowles said...

Do you use a manuscript or outline notes?

I think it was a good clear explanation of the theological issues, though I think that you were so keen to stress the headship idea that you might have the left the possibility of universal salvation wide open. ;)

I've been inspired by this sermon for my own MDiv project, 'How Augustinian is Luke Isham's Doctrine of Original Sin?'

Ruth said...

Hi Luke,

I listened to your talk yesterday. I really liked the way you explained the different options.

Also - I used one of your illustrations in my talk at church today - the one about the Bible being a murder mystery. Is that yours - or did you pick it up somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Actually that comment was me (Andrew Barry) - Ruth's husband. I forgot to log her out.

Luke said...
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Luke said...

[Let's try again but with better spelling this time.]

Thanks Andrew and Andrew,

I'm preaching still with "L" plates although this year with preaching class I hope to get my "P" plates. (More signposts and structure, better illustrations and more specific application.)

Bowles: That would be a fantastic MDiv project, who would be your supervisor? I gave a longer more philosophical version of that sermon and one the questions was about universalism. "Just how many are the many in Christ?" Off the cuff I said "Paul uses many here in the same way he says all Israel will be saved. Jezebel was not, Paul would not contradict the OT or himself so it must be a qualified many."

Barry: I read it in Chesterton somewhere. Thanks for your kind comment.

Nate said...

Enjoyed listening to you again, Luke, and thinking back to our conversations on the topic coming back form Lorne.
Come back to visit us at St Marks sometime.