Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hebrew Vocab III

תועבה toahvah "taboo" - ?
תמיד tamid "continuity" - ?
נשיא naseer "prince" - ?
שר sar "captain, cheif" - ?
בקש bacush "to seek, desire" - ?
ברא bara "to create" - ?
רדף radaf "to pursue, chase" - ?


Bernard said...

נשיא - Do you remember that Telstra ad about the great wall of China? Built during the reign of 'Emperor [think 'prince'] Nasi [think נשיא] Goreng' (hilarious at the time).

שר - I think I remember this by its feminine counterpart 'Princess Sarah' (with a He).

Marion said...

'sar' is what you say to the chief as in, 'Yes Sir!' with a salute.

'toahvah' is something in the culture that's taken 'too far'.

'radaf' He 'rode off' into the sunset in pursuit of the baddies.