Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hebrew Vocab

I've broken my self-imposed-Hebrew-intensive-blogging-exile for a good reason. Despite being mildly dyslexic (Paid up member of the D.N.A., National Dyslexia Association.) I'm finding Hebrew grammar more straightforward then Greek Grammar however I am struggling alot with memorising the vocab. I need help remember the following vocab, if you can think of a weird association that combines the meaning and the pronunciation, I'd be very grateful.

For example I'm remembering:

קָטֹוֹן "small, unimportant," pronounced: karton - remembered as: a small unimportant milk carton

I need help with these ones:

ָלָכַד "capture, seize, take, " laacad -?
לֶחֶם "bread," lechem -?
כָחַב "write," kaatav -?
ּגָדווֹֹל "great," gaadool -?
שׁיָשָר "straight," yaashaar -?

( It's hard to display a Hebrew font that looks OK on blogger without changing to a keyboard layout I'm not familiar with. If you can't see any Hebrew at all try downloading one of these free fonts.)


Katie said...
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Bernard said...

I think lots of my memory-hooks involve imagining an entire scene. So for גדול for example, my hook is:

גדול "Gah! It's a *great* big doll!"
(Think Marshmallow man in Ghostbusters).

For כתב the situation I imagine is a person who is mad with themselves for losing some information, they kaatav (could-have) *written* it down.

John Dekker said...

Whatever works for you.

But lechem is part of the name Bethlehem, "House of Bread". If that doesn't help with the pronunciation aspect, just start calling the town, Bethlechem. It sounds so much cooler.

kaatav is important, because the "ketuvim" are the Writings, the third major section of the Hebrew Bible. But that doesn't help with the pronunciation either - the vowels are different.

And this is what makes Hebrew more difficult than Greek - it just doesn't have the same number of English equivalents.

Marion said...

This maybe a stretch but:
al-qaeda or jihad sound a bit like laacad.
ya sure you're straight not queer ;)

And Bernard & JD's suggestions.

Luke said...

Those five are in, half of the learning was probably identifying those problem five and then typing them up.

Thanks Bernie on gaadol, John on lechem and mum on yaashaar.

I may post more words up, the process helps, it's a bit humbling to have to do so but the desire to learn has overcome my pride.