Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Vocab

Thanks readers for the help last time, I have a few more that are really stumping me:

שלהן "table" shulehun - ?
עבד "work" arrvad - ?
ערב "evening" rarerev - ?
קבץ "to gather or collect" carvatz - ?
לקח "to take or recieve" lakach - ?

(I've gone with sound approximations rather then strict transliteration.)


John Dekker said...

Well, I think you're already overtaking me, Luke. I couldn't remember the word for table, myself. I feel a bit stupid - it's a very common word.

You've got a typo in the word for "work", btw.

Luke said...

Fixed, thanks.

I'm imaging you fighting Shula the Hun on a table!

Andrew Bowles said...

erev sounds a bit like 'evening' if you mumble it, ie. 'erevning'.

Ben said...

G'day, Luke.

One thing is to look for cognates. E.g. עבד is either 'work, service' (abtract noun) or 'male servant' or 'female servant' or 'to work', depending on how it's pointed and pre- + suffixed, right?

That's been a big help for me. The tricky bit is that you get a ways into learning Hebrew vocab, and it all starts to sound the same, because of the three-consonant root thing.

ish said...

Says wife: "We can't sit up to the table unless you bring the stool, hun."
arrvad sounds like 'our bad'?
rarerev: rare ev-ening: special evening with one you love, candelight et al
carvatz: carry by car what you have collected to deposit in the vat. (grapes?)
If you mispronounce it as 'La catch.' (The catch.) ...that is what you receive. (fish?)

I don't know if these are helping you Luke but they are certainly fun to play with.

Marion said...

work - 'arrived' (if you have work you've arrived) or maybe 'hard yards' said with an accent!

take/receive - 'la catch' of fish. (as in the disciples of Jesus)

gather/collect - 'car parts' some weirdo collector with an accent.

Sorry that's all I can think of.

Luke said...

Thankyou loyal readers. There will be more to follow!

sandra j said...

Table - this word sounds quite different to most of our vocab words; so I just imagine that tables weren't invented in OT times and so they had to make up a new, strange word later on...
Gather/collect - i think of a guy who collects cravates..