Wednesday, April 1, 2009

monthly mad map mashup #5

A geographic representation of denominations in America.


Radagast said...

Notice those 8 little cyan counties labelled "Reformed" (presumably of the Dutch flavour).

And the large orange section:

"To each person, God gives some talent such as comedy, just to name one, or the ability to suffer, and to some persons God has given musical talent, though not to as many as think so. So for a young Lutheran considering an orchestral career, the first question to ask yourself is, 'Do I have a genuine God-given talent, or do I only seem talented compared to other young Lutherans?' Because most Lutherans aren’t musicians, they’re choir members. Mostly altos and basses..."

Luke said...

Looking at that map I realised when I was studying at Dordt College I was in the Dutch Reformed heart of America!

The size of the Lutheran territory is pretty impressive.

Rock on Lake Wobegon!

Nate said...

Wow - that's really interesting! Surprising to see how much Catholicism dominates the North-West and New England, and surprising it doesn't dominate California more (only two counties where it has over 50%).

What exactly is meant by the term 'Christian' here?

Radagast said...

Blue means Catholic is the biggest denomination. Blue with a star means majority Catholic (New Orleans, southern Texas, etc.)

This map makes the Catholic/Protestant split clearer, and confirms that southern California is strongly Catholic (over 25%).

"Christian" means, I imagine, people who write that on a form, rather than something specific.