Saturday, September 5, 2009

Religion in Southern Tasmania

Continuing the theme of religious geography with this map of non-Trinitarian Christian groups in Southern Tasmania. Note the even geographical spread of the Jehovah Witnesses (red) compared to the two more central Mormon locations (blue). Of the two it seems the Jehovah Witnesses reach deeper into regional areas and past the infamous 'flanelette curtain.' Perhaps the Mormons are pursuing a more centralised strategy.

View Hobart area Non-Trinitarian Churches in a larger map

Then this is a map of the other major religions; Islam (green) and Buddhism (red) as well as the Hobart Synagogue (blue) and the brand new Baha'i Centre.

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For comparison, this is a map of nearly all the Protestant churches in Southern Tasmania.

View Churches in the greater Hobart area in a larger map


Radagast said...

A fascinating post, as always.

There are some obvious "blank spots" on the map that church planters could think about, like Lower Sandy Bay, Moonah, and Chigwell.

However, the map is a little deceptive. It gives an indication of the "walking" feeder zone around a church, but there is also a "driving" zone and a "public transport" zone.

A church has a large "driving" zone if it's located near good roads and has parking nearby.

In Melbourne, where public transport is good, a church near a railway station has a "public transport" zone extending up and down the line.

In fact, when I visit Melbourne, I measure distance by railway geometry, which is very different from "as the crow flies."

Luke said...

That's an important point Radagast, the catchment area of a church isn't walking distance, especially in Tasmania. For example my parents drive from Margate to Hobart, to attend Hope Christian Centre. This partially explains why so many of the churches are concentrated in central Hobart, people commute.

Radagast said...

Indeed. And the exact location of the church will depend on how people are expected to get there. A "walk in" church might be on the Mall, but for a "drive in" church that would be hopeless.