Sunday, October 25, 2009

2010: The year ahead

It's nearly the end of October 2009, and it's been a year of blogging. I've enjoyed airing my theological thoughts about culture, books, events, institutions and theology! Thanks to my regular readers for provoking me to think more deeply or simply making encouraging remarks. I'm about to finish Ridley and start work as an assistant minister in the Diocese of Tasmania. This is a very exciting development and I've decided to tweak the blog a little, which means the frequency of blogging will drop to about one a week. I've changed the layout and added a list of all the Tasmanian Christian blogs I could find on the side bar. I'm also a team blogger over at the MTS blog, and I'll be posting more practical insights over there and keep this blog for analysis, reviews and commentary. Thanks again to my regular readers, vocal and silent and welcome to all visitors.


David said...

You might be interested in a lecture by Dan Denett, 'The Evolution of Confusion'

Luke said...

Thanks for the link to the video David,

What about it did you find important?