Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Controversial topics for Christians

The top five most controversial topics among Christians, in order of controversy:

  1. Power (church discipline, who gets to be the 'boss' of what and who?)
  2. Children (baptism, child-rearing, confirmation & communion)
  3. Money (mine, yours and ours!)
  4. Gender Roles (family, church)
  5. Sex (before, in or outside marriage?)

The top five Unnecessarily controversial topics for Christians, in no particular order:

Church and State

The top five topics that should be more controversial then they are for Christians:

The person of Jesus
The work of Jesus
The method of doing theology
Original Sin


The Idle Introvert said...

I would put at the top of your list of "The top five topics that should be more controversial then they are for Christians":

- POVERTY and what the church is doing about it.

I think taking Jesus seriously requires taking the needs of the poor seriously.

Luke said...
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Luke said...

Hello Idle Introvert,

Although I'm a product of my bourgeois context (but can't spell), I agree poverty is overlooked. However if I had to rank my top five topics that should be more controversial, I probably wouldn't put it first. Looking back over three years of Ridley I'd say that should go to 'The method of doing theology.'

Andrew Bowles said...

There's one topic that I think you've missed on your controversial list- 'How Augustinian is Jonathan Edwards' doctrine of original sin?'. I've been looking high and low for someone to take this question seriously and produce a paper on it!

I don't know if the third list makes sense. 'Controversy' means that people disagree heatedly about something, not that they discuss it a lot, which seems to be what you're suggesting. I don't know that we want more heated disagreement about the person of Jesus than we already have.

Rating 'the method of doing theology' over poverty as a discussion topic is the zenith of Christian bourgeois consciousness, Luke.