Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Reformation Day!

Here is a portrait of John Calvin for your edification, it's been 500 years since he was born.

(Speaking of Geneva, The Geneva Push is a new Australian church planting network, sort of built on what Acts 29 Australia, planned to do.  I believe Nick and Bron are planning to part of it and are being assessed this December to be church planters behind the flannelette curtain in Hobart!)


Andrew Bowles said...

Ooh, I get edified just looking at that iconic image of Calvin and venerating him. Happy Reformation Day???

Luke said...

(Slip-sliding into veneration of icons.) Did you do the Geneva twirl when you viewed the picture, I hope so!

Nick said...

True dat! We'll be there. I've been filling out questionaires like its not time to be studying for exams. Looking
forward to it and even more to getting
back to Tassie. When are you guys moving back Luke?

Luke said...

Early December, we'll have to have mini-reunion.

The Borg said...

Thanks for putting up the picture of John Calvin. I'm going to print him out and frame him next to St Augustine and The Virgin Mary, above the candles.