Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 in Books

JD over at Biblio-File has listed the books he'll be reading in 2010,  I thought a similar list for myself would be a great way to launch the new year.  These are the books I plan to read in 2010:

Books for the sermon series planned this year at St Georges:
Love as a Way of Life by Gary Chapman
God, Marriage and Family by Andreas Kostenberger
Father, Son and Spirit by Kostenberger and Swain
Interpreting Isaiah edited by David Firth and H.G.M. Williamson
Ichabod Toward Home: The Journey of God's glory by Walter Brueggemann

Books to grow me as a leader and a minister:
Leadership on the Front Foot by Zachary Veron
The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jereiamah Buroughs
A Call to Spiritual Reformation by Don Carson
Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson

Books to grow and extend me theologically:
Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism by J. Harold Greenlee
The Medieval Theologians edited by G. R. Evans
Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology counterpoints by Kaiser, Doriani, Vanhoozer and Webb
The Prodigal God by Tim Keller
To you and your children: Examining the biblical doctrine of covenant succession edited by Benjamin Wikner

Books for my relaxing pleasure:
The Thirty Years War by C.V. Wedgwood
The Year of the Flood by Marget Atwood
The Fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather
D-Day by Antony Beevor
City of Thieves by David Benioff

I may skim, dip or critique other books during the year, but I won't be digesting and thinking about them in the way I'll do the list above.


Chris said...

This is a really good idea.

I think I'll need to be a bit more sporadic though, at least this year

John Dekker said...

What a great list! It's a good mix of old and new.

I did read Oryx and Crake, at your suggestion - but that's the only Margaret Atwood that I've read so far.

I came across Ichabod Toward Home as I was messing with my thesis bibliography. It looks like a good read, but I don't know how helpful it will be for sermon preparation - will you be preaching through the ark narrative?

A Call to Spiritual Reformation is Carson's best book, IMO.

Oh, and I heard Doriani speak when I was in the US in '98. :)