Thursday, February 18, 2010


The church where I work, St George's Anglican, Battery Point is hosting two free screenings of this documentary of a series of debates between Hitchens and Wilson.  Saturday 13th March, 2pm and 7:30pm.  I know we'll be the first public screening in Tasmania, I wonder if we are the first in Australia?


Chris Bowditch said...

We watched it informally as a group of young adults one night when we got rained out...

So officially yes, you may be the first.

It's a great movie. I really like Wilson's line of argument. And it showed me that many people, including well trained HTD Christians, are bad at challenging the presuppositions of the society and culture in which we live!

If it teaches that skill, then I think it's been effective!

Father Dave said...

You are certainly the first I've heard of. I'm keen to screen it here in Sydney.

dave AT

Andrew Bowles said...

I hope it goes well and connects with a few folks. And 'anonymous' can go as well now that he won't be going out on a date with his girlfriend that night!

Luke said...

@Andrew LOL

I'll have to turn word verification on.

Alex Smith said...

Turned out that the 13th of March was one of the most significant events in my theologically journey :-D