Wednesday, March 17, 2010

@ Work

Just another day at work!  (Actually I think I was in the bell-tower on my day off.)  Anyway this is me at the main geographic location of my work as a curate in the Parish of St Georges, Battery Point.  In other news Collision was a roaring success, with almost 150 people attending the movie across two screenings!


Mikey Lynch said...

great job with Collision! much follow up?

also, love this photo. when St George's gets a website, this should be your 'About->Staff' photo. Maybe all the staff profile shots should be in the belltower?

Luke said...

LOL, a shot of Paul hugging the bell or something.

Re Follow up: not really because all the different people dissipated back to their respective places. It's really the stuff of positive impressions and ongoing conversations. I'll have to talk to you about the best way to follow up an event like this.