Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ordo Salutis: Traditionally understood

The Ordo Salutis, is the latin designation for thinking about Salvation as an ordered sequence of events (Romans 8:28-29). I'd like to use a modified version of it to understand more accurately and express more coherently the doctrine of salvation.  The phrase 'Doctrines of Grace' expresses a similar conceptual framework.

This is the traditional Calvinist Ordo Salutis (Demarest, The Cross and Salvation, 38-40):
  1. Predestination
  2. Election
  3. Calling
  4. Regeneration
  5. Faith
  6. Repentance
  7. Justification
  8. Sanctification
  9. Perseverance
  10. Glorification


Bryan Hickey said...

Excellent little reminder if one of the best theology textbooks I read while at college. Thanks Luke.

I was contemplating the decrees of God recently as I mulled over Oliver Crisp's Jonathan Edwards and the Metaphysics of Sin. An excellent little book in which he uses analytical philosophy to take a passing look and assessment of lapsarianism.

Do you look at this work during your project?

Luke said...

Hi Bryan,

Agreed, The Cross and Salvation was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

I tried but I had trouble understanding it! You should blog through it with diagrams, it would a be great service to people like myself. My project focused on the event of Original Sin itself and it's aftermath but not the circumstances preceding it, which Crisp explores.