Saturday, September 11, 2010

The interpretation of Genesis 1-2

"Just to be clear: I'm a 6-day guy and I believe that Adam was a real person in the history of the world. What actually happens in Gen 1-2-3 happened in fact as events in history.

Less than that is simply not what the Bible teaches. My concern is reaching for more than that either in the direction of filling out the complete calendar of the history of the world, or in the other direction of disounting the actual text for science-fawning tales of how God formed man from a red-tailed monkey rather than the red clay -- as if the monkey-miracle is more appealing to naturalists than the one the Bible actually describes." (Italics mine.)

-Frank Turk, from the comments of the Pyromaniacs Blog.


Andrew Bowles said...

You could write a PhD on the historiography of this comment.

Jon said...

Hmmm, dignify this with a comment or not?

Luke said...

Your halfway there!

Jereth said...

The second paragraph is excellent. Certain young earth creationist ministries go too far in the first direction (filling out the complete calendar of the history of the world) while theistic evolutionists are guilty of the second error.