Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zombie church planting?

Have I been watching too much Shaun of the Dead or does this guy look like a zombie harvester? I love a well designed book cover, and this one is certainly very striking.  Tim Challies reviews what the book is actually about.  (If was to write a book about the surviving the post-apocalyptic future this would be the cover.)  Any one else seen good book cover designs recently?


ish said...

Daniel Silva, The Rembrandt Affair. The good cover is not the American version viewable at Amazon.com but the Australian Penguin imprint I picked up at Big W last week. Best 'page turner' I have read in some time. And great cover.

arthurandtamie said...

It does look a bit zombie! Or perhaps a bit Van Diemen's Land! :D

The Borg said...

Very PA. I like.

No good covers to report.