Friday, October 8, 2010

Late Term Abortion Motion at Melbourne Synod

Thank-God for Barny Zwartz and Mark Durie.  Durie, upset by hearing reports of failed late-term abortions, where babies are been born alive and then killed, has put forward this motion (as reported in the Melbourne AGE) at the Melbourne Anglican Synod.  Pray that God will defeat cowardice, protect Mark and embolden the Synod to act in a counter-cultural manner.

"He [Mark Durie] calls on the state government to answer five questions about late-term abortions:
■ How many are happening, and how late?
■ What are the reasons for the abortions?
■ Are those born alive receiving medical care, or what is their cause of death?
■ What has been the effect on staff morale at the Royal Women's Hospital?
■ What has been the effect on staff recruitment?"


Allan said...

Good questions. They also need to ask about the effect on the mother.

It's ironic the only thing we know for sure is the effect on the baby.

jereth said...

Some answers are found here.

and here

Though why would the Anglicans care? They supported the decriminalisation of abortion in 2008. They're part of the problem.

Allan said...

Hi Jereth,

We differ on aliens and election, but I'm with you on this one.

When Jerusalem was besieged, we're told that mothers ate their own children. I can't see much difference between this and abortion.

We're called to commit our lives into God's faithful care, to endure our cross and by God's grace to triumph over death in its many forms. But who wants to suffer? The temptation to make evil sacrifices, to "come down from the cross", is very great.

Nat whilk said...

What was the result of the debate?

jereth said...

Allan, glad we agree on this. It is more important than aliens in any case :)

Sethals said...

Luke, what was the answer to these questions?

Luke said...

Hi Nat and Seth,

Frustratingly and sadly Melbourne Synod declined to debate or vote on the motion.

One the appalling things about the whole abortion thing is how much of it is done in secrecy and under a cloud of confusion and misinformation.