Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Cranmer Society Recommendations

 The Melbourne Diocese is large, reflecting the sprawling nature of Melbourne and it's synod is disproportionately massive making committee elections complex.  New Cranmer Society, the political wing of the evangelicals recently issued a recommended how-to-vote ticket.  It's not necessary in Tassie because you can fairly quickly identify all the candidates without too much trouble, but that's highly unlikely in Melbourne.  I acknowledge church politics is an uneasy mixture of piety and skullduggery, really much like the church or ancient Israel if you think about it.  Some people get silly and try to hide this fact or the fact that how-to-vote lists exist but I like that New Cranmer is open about it, it's like being open about Original Sin! The lists of candidates and New Cranmer's recommendations are quite interesting, gives you an insight into where people sit theologically or at least where New Cranmer perceives them to be on the theological-political spectrum.   (There is, but I can't find their website, also a liberal/progressive political group at the Melbourne Synod.) For example David Powys infamous for the his promotion of Annihilation sits higher in the list then the apologist Mark Durie whose blog is in my blog roll. It'd be interesting to compare the how-to-vote lists alongside the complete list of candidates and against the liberal/progressive how-to-vote list, that would be very instructive, but would take too much time to gather.


jereth said...

What happened to the discussion we were having about aliens?

Andrew Bowles said...

I believe that the other political association that you're thinking of is 'Melbourne Anglicans Together'.

Luke said...


I need to do some more thinking about Original Sin before I can contribute something more. (But thanks for commenting!)



Jon said...

I find Anglican politics very confusing. I think its because the Anglican church is very diverse but very heirarchical, and a diverse heirarchy makes people in authority very nervous.

jereth said...

How does original sin relate to the topic of aliens?

Luke said...

The likelihood of discovering aliens increased ever so slightly last week which made me think about how the gospel might relate to them which then made me think about our Original Sin might relate to them which then made me wonder if Original Sin is only restricted to humans and not creation. My hunch is no, but I need to think more carefully about it.

Jereth said...

Interesting. "Original Sin" as a systematic theology concept is obviously restricted to Adam and his descendents. (As Paul describes in Rom 5 -- which is the key Original Sin text)

But there are obviously sinners (rebels against God) who do not share in Adam's sin -- eg. Satan and his demons.

Maybe you should start a new thread about this so we don't confuse people who want to learn about New Cranmer :-)