Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new diagram

The older diagram represents the Doctrines of Grace, in abstraction, so I thought it'd be helpful to represent the Ordo Salutis as it related to someone's life. I've used my own life as an example, I grew up with Christian parents and so in a sense was being "called" via my parents and my church community from my very earliest moments. There was also in my life no moment of crisis where I turned from unbelief to belief but instead repeated instances of repentance and a growth in awareness of what God had done.  But tell me readers, what do you think, does this diagram represent the Doctrine of Salvation any better?


Radagast said...

It's certainly more visually compelling, and I think clearer as well.

Alex Smith said...

Nice one :) I think it's easier to understand.

ish said...

It really does. Would it make an insightful card to give someone at certain landmark occasions with thier own face inserted appropriately?