Thursday, September 1, 2011

Israel Trip - planned

My parents, who publish children's books, are releasing a new graphic novel in November called Digger's Code.  It's set in modern Israel and the plot involves links to the ANZACs who played an important part in defeat of the Ottoman Empire during World War One.

This coincides with a study tour I'm taking in mid-November to early December. It's being organised through my alma mater, Ridley College.  I'll have to leave Amy and Evangeline for three weeks but because you can claim the junket "study tour" on HELP fees it seems like too good an opportunity to miss. Hopefully the printers will have finished in time and I'll bring a couple of copies across to give to people who helped my parents while they researched the book in Israel.

[The picture is a snap I took of one of their draft pages.]

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