Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few hints for creating a culture of reading at Church

Mark Dever with some good ideas about building a culture of reading in a congregation. Read with people, regularly give good books away during the service, have a regular time people can join you in reading through a theologian you like and convince your Board of Management to give you book allowance. 


Steve Isham said...

I did not watch the clip yet, so maybe he mentions this. But sermons sprinkled with appropriate readings from books may spark interest in reading further.
Another long term strategy would be to encourage reading aloud to children in every way possible among the congregation to create a culture of reading in the next generation.

Steve Isham said...

Just watched the clip and sent it to the elders at Hope. Handling the meaty books as he suggests would surely bear wonderful fruit. Maybe readings from "lighter" material (but not fluff) like C. S. Lewis fiction might be a starting point for a place like Hope with a culture of non-readers, (even among the elders!). I think to try to approach at least a few books like "Dangerous Journey" as you have been referring to repeatedly gives a common language for further discourse and growth through a richer reading of Scripture.