Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preaching preparation

If I have time this is the check list I use to plan for my preaching:


  1. Familiarity
  2. Basic outline
  3. Cross-refences and Literary clues
  4. Commentators and checking some of the Greek


  • Gospel check
    • Announcement about who or what Jesus is?
    • Which part of Jesus' story?
    • Part of the declaration of personal salvation? 
  • Theology check
    • How does it reflect the wider themes of the book?
    • What topics that come up in this passage?
  • Theological Toolbox (Things I want my congregation to have)
    • (Doctrine as a concept) "The Scope and Character of Scripture" - Athanasius
    • Meta-narrative = the bible tells one big coherent story
    • Basic knowledge of various doctrines (TULIP and five Solas)
  • Philosophy check
    • Situational
      • What's my cultural situation, and how does the text speak to it?
        • SOUL
        • Western Culture
      • What's the text's cultural situation, and how has God spoken into it?
    • Normative
      • Is there something to learn, understand or integrate into my worldview?
        • Impossible application check
    • Existential
      • What does this passage tell me to do across the kitchen sink?
        • Possible application check
      • Are my emotional reactions valid? 
  • Preaching proposition
    • I want my congregation to ... because of ...


  • Nomenclature
    • Dealing with tangents "But don't get me wrong .."
    • Multiple connected secondary applications "not only ... but ..."
    • Putting each main idea or sub-point into a sentence
  • Assembly
    • Trajectory
      • Where am I going with this and have I shown how I'm getting there?
    • Lowry's loop
      • What's the opposition?
      • Were does it turn?
    • Do my illustrations, quotes and cross references help or hinder this?
    • Do I begin strongly?
    • Do I conclude dramatically?
  • Delivery
    • Practice
    • Control gestures

Comments, advice, questions or plans of your own? (I'd be particularly interested in nomenclature suggestions, one's you've heard or your own that you don't mind sharing!)

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Steve Isham said...

Echoes of this check list all through tonight's sermon, which ably implied an ongoing vigilance toward our brother's and sisters welfare... and our own heart's, in the midst of our Christian freedom, rather than an easy refrain to dismiss the issue with.
The book give away is great. Do you keep track of who gets them?