Wednesday, May 1, 2013

15 Biblical through-themes

Carson has a list, somewhere, of about seventeen whole Bible themes that are emphasised throughout Scripture. What do people think of this list, have I missed one?

  1. Creation and Brokenness 
  2. Culture: what should I create?
  3. Ethics: how then should we live?
  4. Eternity (time)
  5. Evil (theodicy)
  6. Grace and obedience = God's activity and our response
  7. Gospel = Good news, Saviour and Bad news
  8. Identity
  9. Judgement and Mercy
  10. Saving and Common Grace
  11. Sin
  12. Supernatural and Providence
  13. Trinity
  14. Thanksgiving 
  15. Worship


Luke Isham said...

16. People of God
17. Presence of God

This isn't a way of viewing the entire meta narrative of the Bible eg Promise- Fulfilment although there's a degree of overlap.

John Dekker said...

18. Glory

Steve Isham said...

One can grab hold of each and follow it's thread hand over hand through the whole Story. This is a rich Story indeed.