Saturday, May 4, 2013


Christians should be pro-immunisation with three caveats:

  1. Sadness, that linked to one of the vaccines are the abortion of two little babies. The Measeals-Mumps vaccine is developed using a cell line from two babies aborted in the 1960's. I gather the babies were aborted and cells kept from them and used ever since. WI-38 a girl at 3-month gestation and MRC-5 a boy at 14 weeks gestation. 
  2. Wary of the ruling ideology. Generally what's observable and sensible correlates with Christianity but sometimes the dominate ideology makes cultural demands that are repugnant, think Orwell's 1984 or Aldus Huxley's Brave New World for possible trajectories.
  3. Suspicious of conspiracy theories because they also like the ruling ideology demand total allegiance and require you to leave what is often the observable and the sensible into a smaller ideological circle. 

However with those three caveats in mind vaccinations are part of living in community, living alongside others and loving your neighbour. 


Luke Isham said...

Technically #3 is a caveat in favour of immunisation but I wanted to balance #2 and have a list of 3. :)

Steve Isham said...

Walk forward boldly, but mindfully amid the tangles of a sin-strewn landscape.

Anonymous said...

There were far more than 2 abortions that created the rubella strain of the MMR vaccine. 27 babies were used by Stanley Plotkin to develop the rubella disease strain RA27/3. This disease strain was then grown in the WI-38 cell line (which was taken from the lungs of one of at least 25 aborted babies..possibly more). As well as this, fresh tissue has been harvested every year in the US since 2008 up until the present year, to test and develop new vaccines like typhoid, shingles, HIV and chickenpox. The horrific practice exposed in the planned parenthood videos is the very same practice that is making some our vaccines today. It's important for people to have all the information because many people think this all ended in the 60's with MRC 5, when this is far from the case.