Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What happened to the Ark?

A list of important theological topics that are rarely mentioned in Scripture:
  1. The Lord's Supper
  2. Ark of the Covenant in the New Testament
  3. The land of Israel in the New Testament
  4. The three persons of God in the Old Testament
  5. Resurrection and final judgement in Old Testament
  6. The future shape of resurrected world in either Testaments
  7. Eden, Adam and Original Sin
  8. ... have I missed any?
I think this supports the idea that the location of a theological topic in the biblical narrative is just as important as frequency or quantity of mentions. 


Luke Isham said...

8. Evangelism in the New Testament, lots of description but very little prescription.

Alex Smith said...

When I saw your tweet I was worried it was another "We've found Noah's Ark on top of a mountain" post!

Relieved to see it was something thought provoking instead :-)

Anonymous said...

Luke, check the end of Rev 12.

Luke Isham said...


But I've never blogged about Noah's Ark, or do you mean from another blog?


Do you mean dragons? (I'll let this coment remain but you'll need to post a name of some sort from now on.)

Luke Isham said...

You just reminded me

9. Noah and the tower of Babel don't get much attention.

Alex Smith said...

Sorry, that wasn't a swipe at you at all, it's just the "We've discovered Noah's Ark" has been doing the rounds lately, mainly on FB.

Anonymous was too cryptic for me, maybe they mean there isn't much discussion of the past, or the future, of angels & demons??

Brandon said...

Engaging post Luke. It's very important that we don't minimize any Biblical truth based on a tally of "mentions." As an older saint told me once, "God only needs to say something once."