Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Occasional details: What matters?

Part of a small series about how the Gospel changes everything (2 Timothy 3:17 & 2 Peter 1:3). 1. Ethics. 2. Purpose 3. Patterns  4. Pictures 5. Boundaries 6. Occasional Details

The Bible is also a very practical document, Jerusalem is an ancient city located on the Judean plateau inland from the Sea. Or in another example Proverbs advises against overstaying your welcome when visiting a friend. Not only do these details matter by themselves, why did God pick them and not others but they also show us that God is concerned with the individual details of our lives. The schematics of a new skyscraper, have a divine origin. This isn’t to justify obsessive compulsive behaviour, because the Bible skips details at some weird moments. Our job is to delight in the details while simultaneously figuring out which ones to concentrate on and which ones to ignore.

[Western Wall, Jerusalem] 


Steve Isham said...

Yes. The getting of wisdom allows us to discern those. Great series. The last three could be fleshed out evern more.

Luke Isham said...

Thanks Dad. Yes, they're still a bit thin, the act of writing about them helps clarify what I'm thinking about. What I'm trying to get at is to say God establishes everything about the human body of knowledge in Scripture. Partly in reaction to those who want to keep God and Scripture as strictly religious.