Sunday, April 10, 2016

Culture Wars

Two Kingdom Errors

  • The Gospel doesn't apply to everything
  • Gospel and Culture are so seperate, that it's assumed secular neutrality exists

Transformational Errors

  • Institutional Church is the best vehicle for transforming culture
  • Theonomy, replacing the uniqueness of Israel with universal application of OT laws


Mikey Lynch said...

More transformational errors;
- that just because the gospel applies to everything, that we are able to accurately make that application
- that there is no place for negotiated sort-of-neutral public conversation
- that because two kingdoms people aren't transformstionists, they hold to the two errors your blog post claims they hold to :-P

Luke Isham said...

(You need some balance, see how I say "fi on both your houses"! - but thanks for the interaction.)

My observations on your additional errors.
- Agreed, great point, accuracy is Transformational blindspot
- Hmm, I agree there is or should be a 'shared commons,' a 'speaker's corner' so to speak, but that's a product of common grace which presumably has it's origins in Creation, yes? (You may know that pure neutrality doesn't exist but I wonder how many ordinary Two Kingdom people have thought that through?)
- *chuckle* The post is partly designed to flush out errors so either group don't fall into them. :-)

One bonus Two Kingdom error.
- A false assured selectively = they know exactly where gospel applies and where it does not.

Mikey Lynch said...

Good stuff!